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About this web site: 

Untitled. Acrylic on panel.
c. 1971. 3 ft by 3 ft

This site provides information on the theory, practice and history of  my work as an artist since 1947.   

My studio procedures underwent a gradual transformation when I began experimenting with electronic media in the late 1960's. By the early 1980's  my interest turned almost exclusively to generating art via coded instructions known as algorithms.  I introduced this web site to show how I created and applied original algorithmic procedures as an artist.  

Since 2000  I have been adding a history of my work that reaches back to 1947.  Since 1959 I have sought to create (discover) visual forms that transcend the representation of objects, events or literature. My work seeks to lead us beyond our  world of  things and political immersion.  Through my art and writings of the past 50 years this spiritual journey emerges at each turn.

As I continue to create new work and locate more documentation of the past, this site will continue to change and grow.

Roman Verostko , August 2002. 

"ars sine scientia nihil" (Jean Mignot, c. 1399)

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