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A Northern Spark White Night event     

Minneapolis College of Art & Design
 June 4-5, 2011,  from sunset to sunrise  

Below:   2 minute compressed version of the 8 hour drawing session.


Notes, images & video on the  night of June 4-5, 2011:

A video of the drawing arm of a pen plotter displayed the line by line drawing procedure in an 8 hour session that began at dusk and ended at dawn. Viewers could see the drawing process as the machine's "drawing arm" appeared to draw on MCAD's  3 story North wall.

 The drawing arm as it traced the first few lines at dusk.

At dawn the completed drawing was shown.

As each stroke traced its path, viewers experienced sound aligned with the speed and direction of the drawing path. Gradually the disciplined logic of the algorithm and the poetry of form merged.  This process marries mind and machine with cyberforms celebrating algorithmic form.

Above: Video clip by Tad Carter taken around 5:00 AM.

Algorithmic Poetry for a Three Story Wall, 2011

Pen & ink drawing with artist's seal.


The completed work, as “Algorithmic Poetry”, complemented the artist’s 2010-11 show at the Digital Art Museum Gallery, [DAM] Berlin. The digital art pioneer, Frieder Nake, viewed this series as the "Joy of Digital", a celebration of the charm and grace of algorithmic form.

This was one of many " WHITE NIGHT" arts events that were presented by Northern-Spark  throughout the night in Minneapolis/St Paul, June 4-5, 2011.

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